Our Mission is to change the way creatives communicate with clients. We want to transform current workflows from long email chains & third-party file sharing to our slick online portal where you can collaborate with your team and receive clear feedback on content, effortlessly. 

High-res Artwork

Upload high resolution artwork and store it in our cloud portal, make it available for direct download .

Manage Clients

Manage multiple clients and collaborate with project stakeholders in one secure online portal.

Clear Feedback

Get clear feedback on content by sending a direct link to your clients, Feeval allows them to pin point comments directly onto the artwork.

Automated Notifications

We streamline communication, both client and agencies will receive notifications when there have been changes made to a project. 

Task Management

Turn comments into tasks and assign them to your team for completion, monitor progress and set deadlines.


Monitor the performance across your agency, completed tasks, new clients, content downloads and much more!


User Benefits

If you're a creative working with multiple clients, you already know the struggle that comes with getting feedback and approval on content via email, waiting for feedback from the multiple stakeholders on multiple attachments is a complete headache, wastes time and is totally confusing! Feeval is a platform for creative freelancers and agencies to manage multiple clients, get clear feedback on content, build revisions timelines, manage and assign tasks within teams and download content directly from our portal. 

Features & Benefits

The Process

Using the platform is simple. First setup your Agency and invite users to collaborate on it. Then you can setup a client, assign the stakeholders - for example one of your designers and the client - and then upload content into projects. Feeval works in the background to notify project stakeholders when updates have been made be that new content or feedback left so you can see exactly what the clients is referring to in their comments.

Getting Started Guides

Get started for free

All our plans come with 30 days free so there is no commitment. You can also cancel your plan at any time so no long-term contracts to worry about. Streamline your agency today!